Focusing on particular business, pursuing to be the world leader.

Shini Group introduced both advanced science and technology management concepts which consist of re-design of corporate information system, ERP project, self-developed eLearning system, knowledge management system, transformation of R&D process, re-built of quality control system, introduction of customer training system, product resume design and customer service management system. These reforms will help Shini transfer from production-oriented to technology-oriented, from manufacture to service innovation, from local company to international enterprise.


There is always an exceptional culture behind an outstanding company.The culture includes people, working environment, working atmosphere, nature environment and harmonious society.

Over 40 years, numerous Shiniers are proud of being a member of Shini.

It is Love, so we persist.

It is Trust, so we persist.

It is Career, so we persist.

Shini is every Shinier's career. Under the effort of this big family, Shini has received several government honors, awards and patents.Shini is a spiritual home. Every individual heart is held together through the excellent enterprise culture. The comfortable work environment and peaceful living atmosphere provide all Shiniers a cheerful every single day.

Technologies and talents are the keys to advancement

Shini focuses on innovation integration, process optimization, modern management system and global human resources in order to build up a team of elites with international perspective. Moreover, Shini also focuses on strategic cooperation with colleges to educate the potential future leaders.